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Orijin Media is a vertically integrated creative agency dedicated to providing impactful messaging and operational solutions to a diverse array of philanthropic and for-profit organizations.


We specialize in connecting strategy, web, print, video, social media and operations so that all elements of your organization work together to build an effective and meaningful relationship with your audience.

What We Do

We apply a proven process that leads to tangible results

As audiences, we build an opinion and underlying feeling about brands through many encounters across strong, saturated multimedia channels like social media, online videos, print, event booths and more. How do these messages reinforce the core values of your brand and motivate action among your audience?
  • Strategy & stakeholder learning
  • Logos and branding
  • Messaging & copywriting
  • Communication consistency & optimization
Orijin can help you build a strong, lasting and impactful visual brand and identity. We base aesthetic and messaging design decisions in strong qualitative and quantitative learning, so that your brand resonates with your target audience. We deliver a visual styleguide and digital library for your team to reference to efficiently produce new collateral that stays true to your message, identity and culture

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Our Process

A healthy strategy & planning phase lead to successful projects


Fully explore and define your needs, goals and how you would like to work and structure the project. How do you measure success?


Qualitative and quantitative learning, conducted across numerous stakeholders, from donors and staff to clients and competitors. What do we know, and what can we observe?


Analyze those learnings, and form a calculated plan of action. How can solutions integrate together to achieve a larger goal?


Build it! Here we make graphic tools, websites, videos, social media posts and more. Finally putting it out in the world.


Based off of measuring the impact of our solutions. How can we improve and adapt to new information, in light of our new solutions?